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Here ill have some reviews of my favorite episodes of my favorite animes~! weeee

"Dark Reborn"
This is the first episode of DNAngel. I have just recently started to veiw the series, its really good. Lets see in this episode in the opening scene there in Daeskes (excuse the spelling ^^;) basement proforming a ritchual. His mom and grandpa say some stuff then hes like ahh im late and rushes off to school. Today isnt any ordinay day its his 14th b-day and the day hes asking this gurl out that hes like TOTALLY in love with. He has a plan to ask her out. He gets on her bus and has a note written to her. When he talkes to her she says hes her best "friend" in the world...but he wanted her more then a friend. oh ya her names Risa. She has a sister Rikku (there twins) and i thnk rikku likes Deaske. Anyway he gets home all deppressed and when he gets to his room he sees a painting of Risa he made...And transforms into his other self..Dark. His mom and g-pa tell him that to change back he must steal the sacred madin. Well yada yada he goes and fools the police and everything gets to the madin until...this dude (w/blue hair)comes up and tackles him...then Dark takes deaske totally over and flys away w/ the sakred madin. (the blue haired guy will be important later)he got away with it but then goes by Risa's house..he sees Risa and is starting to change back to Deaske. He flys down to the balcony but Rikku is there now and starts to scream bc...she wus just sitting there than all the sudden Dark is on your balchony XD id be scared too but anyway, she starts screaming and the only way to shut her to..kiss her...he kisses her and its over..leaves u hanging ^^ It's good u should buy the 1st dvd and the collectors box. Ty BaiBai now~
Grade on a scale of 1-10 ill give it a 7 ^^

Deaske and dark (dark has the purple hair)

Favorite Anime Movie

Hm, ill put good anime movies here ><
My Favortire anime movie right now is inuyasha movie 3 "Sword of world conquest"
In this movie it starts showing how inuyasha was born and what happend to his dad (i wont give it away). Then it goes to Kagome at school of course InuYasha comes to get her. Kagomes familiy has a sword that has been passed down threw there familiy that theve had for about 200yrs. The sword starts to awaken! It goes after InuYasha (in the beggining it shows it wus his fathers sword) Then it shows that if inuyasha doesnt take hold of the sowrd the city will be ruins...InuYasha takes the sword and tells kagome not to follow. And if we know her she follows lol. Well i cant write out the whole movie so ill be skipping alot of youll have to see it. Anyway, Then InuYasha ends up in a villageand the sword had taken over his actions and starts to kill anything in his way Luckily most the ppl move but he slaughters all the chicken. Then he goes inside one of the huts theres a lady and her baby inside. Miroku and Sangocome to the rescue and (HOTT) Miroku yells at him to stop...Inu ries but tells them to get the baby and the lady away. they do. InuYasha then later runs into shesshi. They start to fight when Kagome finds them and she ties to stop by saying owswari bc inu is about to kill RIN~! she screams OWSWARI and hugs him his then sits but the rosary breaks. Later when Kagome wakes up Rin is there to thank her for saveing her and gives kagome the broken rosay. Miroku and sango talk about how to help inu. They find out where he has gone. And head there. While the sword finds the person that killed inuyasha mother...and resurects him to be his puppet...sheshi and inu go to take him on. Kagome and the others find out how to defeat him and follow...i wont tell u the rest but. The dead guy opens up hell like close to the end XD its cool. And tehres one really cute part w/sango and miroku >< yey. Well i wont tell u the end so ya..
I give it a 9 outta 10

this is from the movie GO SEE IT I COMMAND U ^^;

anime foreva and eva baby~!